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Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sage - 17 Weeks/The Age of Mechanical Reasoning!

During his 15th and 16th week Sage's exploration seemed to concentrate more on textiles. For example, he discovered that dishtowels come easily off of low towel bars and that he can take them into the living room in a flash, before anyone notices. 

This week, he's starting to lean more toward mechanical reasoning. The latest item of special interest is the door stop. Wow...there's one on the back of every door - strike it rich!

Last night he was in my office with me. While I was attempting to concentrate, he was examining the doorstop. Here's the process.
First stage:  This thing sticking out is really interesting. Why else would it be down here if I wasn't supposed to play with it? I'll just lounge here by the door and act like nothing is happening till she looks away!

Second stage: Look, this thing wiggles.  And it has this cool little plastic piece on the end. I know I can get that off . It's the same as the one downstairs that I took off earlier today.

Stage three: If I use my paw I can make it wiggle and I can make a lot of boingy noise - how cool is that!

Oh hi! What am I doing...nothing! But if you turn your back, I can make lots of boingy noises with this! Wanna see?

1 comment:

Heidi Dahlin said...

I could mark the day that Frodo starting teething and fabric just wasn't cutting it anymore. Unfortunately, he thinks that sheetrock is tasty.

Sage's color is gorgeous! He will be a handsome boy.