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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sage - 16 Weeks

Sage has changed a lot in the past week or so. The cream color in his coat is much darker now. His muzzle is really starting to develop, and his ears are so BIG! Oh, I guess that part isn't new!

He's been on his new raw diet for about three weeks and is prospering as a result of the food change. His coat is nicer and he now weighs 15 pounds, which puts him right up there with Elbee, our tiny Pembroke. He is also even more energetic, which keeps Denali on her toes!

His temperament and personality just get better and better. This is one happy, sweet, playful puppy!


penni said...

He is so very cute. I'm glad that your experimentation with raw feeding is yielding the results you'd hoped for.

Katrina Hunt said...

Sage is adorable!!! will check back often!

Traci said...

his color IS getting so much darker! it's so cool to watch him grow! :) *snuggles* to him (and Denali and Elbee too, of course!)

starrynights said...

Yay! I'm glad you stuck with the raw diet. I'm glad to see Sage looking so healthy and happy. I love the temperaments on ALL the puppies in his litter. We may definitely have to repeat the breeding as we are still getting requests for these puppies. ;-)