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Hermann Hesse

Friday, February 13, 2009

More Puppy

Sage with his Best Friend, Denali. She's really stepped up and taken her responsibility as Role Model seriously - well as seriously as a 5-year-old "puppy" can. They play non-stop and he's never far from her side. He's learned a lot and is showing signs of being quite bright - a good foil for 'Nali!

At almost 16 weeks, his cream color continues to darken.

Grass is for licking...and finding bugs!

Dead bug found...gotta give it a good roll!

A really good roll!


Kady Cannon said...

His nose is growing :-)

Elbeepem said...

Yes Gepeto, his muzzle has lengthened noticeably this past week. I've got to get 16-week photos up. He's looking more and more like a Cardi...though with this coloration no one can begin to figure out what he is!

I had him at the vet the other day for his rabies vaccine and asked everyone in the waiting room to pet him and talk to him for socialization. They were stupified to think he was a corgi! He's going to be a lifelong puzzler to just about everyone he meets...I think it's cool!

Heidi Dahlin said...

His color really is turning out gorgeous! Yes, it seems they are all ears and noses now. Frodo continues to be ear-challenged. I tape them, he tears the tape off, I tape them, he tears the tape off....

Everyone guesses that Frodo is a Border Collie, then i put him down and they ask, "What happened to his legs?".

I'm almost thinking that Frodo is a bit fat. He has a roll under his chin. He might not need as much food as he would lead me to believe. I will take him in for his last shot on Tuesday and weigh him.