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Hermann Hesse

Monday, August 23, 2010

Riff and Raff

This evening Sage and I attended his weekly obedience class.  After an hour of working with all of those other big dogs, he's generally pretty quiet on the way home.  But the minute he's out of the car he's looking for Denali! 

His interactive toy is only too happy to oblige and they wrestle and FRAP till both tongues are hanging out.  As I started upstairs, there they were, both looking pretty pleased with themselves!

Thank goodness they have each other for entertainment!


Taryn said...

Pretty picture! Classic happy Cardis.....

Léo said...

The caption should read: "My tongue is longer than yours!" "Nuh-Uh! Look!"

Very cute.

Elbeepem said...

Oh, believe me, we know that Denali's tongue must be the longest, as it so often doesn't quite fit in her mouth :-). This seems to have been a litter trait for the Baha/Trooper litter!