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Hermann Hesse

Friday, August 13, 2010

Off it Goes - Box #2 (Paw it Forward!)

Our Cardigan Postal Inspector, Sage, is at it again.  He's checking my work to make sure that all is in order for our Paw it Forward Box #2 to make its way to Napa, CA, where it will arrive on his brother Fig's doorstep, to be enjoyed by Watson and Duncan too!

He made sure it was plainly marked.

And that all the seams were securely taped.

Then the Cardigan Postmistress gave it her final approval. Thanks Denali.

OK, off it goes! 

Official notice to Fig, Watson and Duncan: Look for your box to arrive on Monday!
And make sure Alden posts on her blog so the next lucky Paw it Forward canine can check things out and be the first or second to place a comment on her posting and keep things moving!

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