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Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Off to Florida! (Paws it Forward)

Off it goes!

One of our two Paws it Forward boxes went out this morning. The resident Cardigan Postal Inspector took a last look and pronounced it ready before I mailed it. Thank you Sage.

This one goes to pretty Pembroke, "Whiskey," (and her mom, Katie) in Florida. Keep an eye on Katie's blog, All that Jazz, to see when her box arrives and you may be the next recipient in Paws it Forward!

Our second box is experiencing a slight delay. One of the items I wanted to send required online ordering so it will probably go out to Duncan, Fig and Watson next week. Sage will update the mailing status when it's ready to go.


penni said...

Sage just keeps getting cuter every day. Hug that boy for me!

Elbeepem said...


Thanks. He IS a cute boy, if I do say so myself. He will happily accept any/all hugs!

Katie said...

Im looking out for the box. We are both so excited! :-) Thank you!