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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pupper Update #6 - The Stuffie Toy is Getting Smaller

Lucas has big news to report today - he is the first one to break a pound in weight! Everyone else continues to gain and we have a bunch of fat, happy little Pembroke piglets!


Yes Morgan, they ARE beautiful!

Abilene (Abi)


Kismet - reportedly the most active! Don't let size fool you.





I need orange said...

So glad to know that the remaning baybeez are doing so well!!!!

That Morgan is such a pretty girl -- I can't imagine her babes won't be stunners, too.

Thanks for posting the updates!

2Grandmas2 said...

Someone ate the tail off that one brown puppy...and it looks pretty bloody! ;o) Cute babies, congrats!!