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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rally Update

Denali got her first leg toward her Rally Advanced title today!

No placement today in a field of 15 dogs, but her heeling was SO much better than anticipated that I am very happy with our showing! The other issues are easy fixes with a little more practice.

Headed back tomorrow to attempt leg #2!


Kady Cannon said...


Good luck tomorrow!

Traci said...

WHOOO HOOOO! Denali is going to force her brother out of retirement so he doesn't get too rusty!! :) Way to go! Congrats guys!!!

penni said...

Good job. Fingers crossed . . .

Elbeepem said...

Thanks for the good wishes all. I'll be sure to tell Denali that everyone is rooting for her!


Perhaps you should bring 'Kota to compete at the Chief Solano Show in Vallejo on April 24-25. I'm planning to take Denali to that one so she can Rally and then perhaps party with Sage's brothers, Cappy and Fig, if they're in town! (Naturally Sage would get to go too!)