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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Establishing Preferences - He's Growing Up

Naturally, my home office comes complete with dog bed. All three dogs use it. But typically Sage spends his time here, when he's not wedged between my chair legs, during the day.

As a general rule, dogs are not allowed on the furniture unless invited. The exception being the sofa in the den, where the "whole family" gathers in the evenings. Typically Denali naps there at some point each day.

But today there was a new visitor...

Suddenly, I realized that Sage was missing. Not a good thing for a chewy young dog who likes to sample anything he can find. When I went to check, I found him in Denali's usual spot, completely zonked.

Last night was our weekly obedience training class. It just started again, after the holiday break. Sage had a very stimulating evening and today he's still tired (YES!).

So tired, that it evidently merited a special napping spot. Or, is our little boy just growing up and figuring out the "finer things" in life? Either way, he is one great "puppy."

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