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Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Willie goes Home!

During this past weekend, Willie (now Dylan) traveled to his new home. Now he lives in Arkansas with his new people who tell us that their visitors have commented that it is as if he's been with them from the time he was a tiny puppy! That's just what we love to hear!

His people made a really long drive to meet the foster person, who also made a really long drive, and Willie exchanged hands. When they got home, his family found this sign on the front of the house, made just for Willie by the neighbor! (Who knew that Willie might also learn to be bilingual!)

Happily sitting in the yard, next to his new dad, with that familiar sweet smile!

Nothing like having your very own family to make a guy feel comfortable!

Congratulations Dylan!
We're SO pleased that you found such a wonderful home!


penni said...

Wonderful ending. Your work with the rescues must bring you so much pleasure

Unknown said...

Willie (Dylan) is a lucky little guy. John and Diane will give him the most loving and safe home possible. Congrats!

Traci said...

awww - alls well that ends well! :) He's adorable! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for all your efforts on behalf of rescue dogs everywhere. Dylan has found a wonderful home. As happy as his new life will be, his new owners are even happier. The match of Dylan with John and Diane is perfect. Thank you again.

Artfulmama said...

OMG!! These little doggies are soooooo cute...!!! I was just browsing.. and stumbled upon your blog!! I am an artist/writer and do pet portraits.. so I was immediately attracted.. as you can imagine.. looking forward to following you!! Have a great day!! Aloha Artfulmama