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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Expensive Ticket!

I never really thought much about the logistics of Elephant travel. But this picture of two of the eleven Ringling Brothers ladies, disembarking the train, makes loading three dogs, with their respective crates and supplies needed for a journey, look like a walk in the park!

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penni said...

That stopped any whining from me! Though since I moved from German Shepherds to Cardis, I've not been whining much anyway. Great old photos.

Kady Cannon said...

When I read the subject line, I thought the dogs were speeding ;-)

Elbeepem said...

Well, if Denali had thumbs, she'd definitely be out with Moe's sports car. There's no doubt that we'd be seeing some speeding tickets with that girl behind the wheel!

And since Sage follows her whenever possible, he'd be smiling happily from the passenger seat while the officer wrote her up! thumbs!