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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's a true Thanksgiving for Corky and Simon!

Corky and Simon have a lot to be thankful for this year! 

Corky and Simon, two corgi-border collie mixes, lived in the country in Arkansas from the time they were puppies. Recently, at the age of about 6-7 years, the kids in the family no longer had time for the dogs and the owner was going to put them down. Fortunately a rescuer learned of this and managed to find a foster home for them before they could come to any harm.

But the rescuer in Arkansas wasn't really familiar with corgis and had no avenue by which to find homes with "corgi lovers" who would truly appreciate their sweet personalities and forgive the fact that they don't have a classic corgi look because they're mixes.  She found the ForPaws Corgi Rescue website and asked us for help. We posted Corky and Simon to give them some publicity and their new owners saw the posting!

In order to save these dogs, Lori and Brian drove quite a distance to get them. They brought them home to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where life is substantially improved for these lucky pooches!

This link takes you to a recent newspaper article about Lori and Brian. It gives a bit of history about their former corgi and how they named one of their retail stores in his honor, Bungalow Bailey's.

Now Corky and Simon spend their days with their new family and are official doggie ambassadors, greeting patrons and sporting attractive new Bungalow Bailey's apparel! We are sure that the original Bailey would approve of the new canine additions and we can't thank Lori and Brian enough for going far more than the extra mile to provide a wonderful home for two dogs that were seriously in need!

It's a VERY happy Thanksgiving for Corky and Simon!


penni said...

It's Thanksgiving and I'm sure those little guys are thankful to have a real home. I'm thankful that you are out there facilitating rehoming, loving them in the meantime, and giving them a second chance. Blessings on you!

Unknown said...

Please let me amend that Corky and Simon were not going to be put down and the children still had time for them they just had killed too many cats and they were escape artists, even though they were walked daily. By the way, they lived in the city of North Little Rock not the country.

corgib said...

Hi Jonathan, We are the proud owners of Corky and Simon. We are so happy and feel so lucky to have them. We were wondering if you had any more information about them. We do not have correct facts about them and are curious. Example, we were told that they are brothers, and that they are both nine years old. They are very well behaved, and very loving. Thank you!

Unknown said...

This was written last year to try to help get them adopted.

Corky & Simon

Border Collie/Corgi Mix
Born 1999
Brother Dogs

Corky: 43 lbs. Brown thick fur w/ white chest blaze and short legs.
A perpetual puppy—always has the “play with me stance”. Great with adults and kids! Likes to go on walks (has the Corgi prance-like step) and see the neighborhood. Likes to sit with you and be petted. Corky will alert you to maintenance/other persons in yard/house area.

Simon: 68 lbs. Black long fur w/ white chest blaze; longer legs w/ white
paws; looks like a border collie. Is currently trimmed for the
summer. Likes to lick chins and is good with adults and kids.
Simon also likes to go on walks and be petted.

Corky and Simon have been one family owned since 2000, three kids in family (aged 2 to 20 through the years). Simon is used to being fed first.
Corky and Simon have never been separated and they play well together. When walking in neighborhood they are social with other dogs and are not aggressive.
Corky and Simon do not like cats. Both will howl at sirens before you can here the siren. Both are current on their shots.
Have lived outside but are smart dogs and can be house trained. Corky and Simon are used to having a wading pool in the summers and like to sleep in the same house in the winter. When there is snow on the ground they like to play in the yard and blow the snow drifts with their noses.

'Hope this answers a few questions.
Glad you are enjoying Corky and Simon.

corgib said...

Thanks so much for replying. The descriptions of Corky and Simon are right on. We can't believe that they were outside dogs because they love laying on their beds inside and only go outside to run around the yard for a few minutes. We take them on long walks twice a day and they are in the car with us most every day. Somebody must have taken them riding a lot because that is their favorite thing. We are def going to get a pool for them too. We just had a question about Corky's front leg. Was he born with his leg like that, or did he have an injury? It doesnt seem to bother him, but we were wondering. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Corky has always had short crooked legs. More crooked than a regular corgi. I am not aware of any problems with Corky's front leg. I can not tell from any of our last photos or from your more recent photos what is happening with his front leg. Does he use it?
Corky and Simon were in foster care from the end of June until you got them in November. Maybe something happened in those five months.
Early history as we know it: Corky and Simon were found as half grown puppies along with a sister puppy at a busy four way stop corner of a county road. Their fur was awful and they were very thin. The sister dog was adopted before we got Corky and Simon. We were told she was very similar to Corky and even more brown. Before we got them, their foster home had 15 acres to run free on for exercise before being put in their very large fenced shaded area.
'Glad that Corky and Simon are enjoying life.

corgib said...

Jonathan, Yes, corky's front leg seems to be fine. When he is in standing position, his right front leg is twisted. He walks and runs fine though. Thank you so much for the info on the wading pool! ;-D
They are both so funny laying in it. They run straight for it after their walks. Wish we could see their sister. I bet that was a cute trio. ;-) Thanks again!