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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Could you NOT Want to Take Me Home? Oops, Someone Already DID!

Corgi puppies in Rescue come along once in a Blue Moon. This sweet little girl, Kiwi, was just 10-12 weeks old when we got her.  She needed some serious attention to get her back in good physical shape. But now she's well on her way and went to her new home about a week ago.

 You're one lucky girl Kiwi!

There isn't much that's cuter than a Corgi puppy, and this one sure knows how to work the camera!

The gleam in her eye tells you what you're in store for when this girl hits the "teen years" in a few months!

Nothing if not playful, Kiwi finds many toys in her foster home to keep her busy! Better those than the furniture legs!

Hard to believe this sweet girl was in a shelter....sigh!
Contrast her unhappy face when we first saw her in the shelter with those above. 
Kiwi is indeed, a very lucky girl!


dreameyce said...

I love that loooong nose! Awww! Whoever adopted her, sure made quite the score! Hooray for happy endings!

PS I have a Kiwi too!

coopercreek said...

What a cutie!!