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Hermann Hesse

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Herding Trials for some of the CastAway Boyz!!

Accompanied by their Pembroke Pal, Miss Ghillie, and their foster mom, K.D., CastAways, Nolan, Wilson and Charlie all had a taste of what it is to do the job for which you were bred - herding! 

Time to meet the sheep, kindly made available by their owner, JoAnna, and Steve, their trainer, who graciously provided herding instinct testing for our Rescues. - Thanks Joanna and Steve!

What's your guess? Who had the herding genes in the group? Check out the photos below and see!

Getting one-on-one attention is never a bad thing for a Corgi.  Steve shares some herding advice before the sheep enter the scene. Dog and shepherd must be in synch for this to work well!

Foster mom, K.D. shows Nolan and Wilson how it's done.

Whoa...Nolan is a natural!

Perfect Nolan, round 'em up!

Hey, wait a minute!

Nolan takes a moment to inspect the perimeter 
and savor the beautiful day.

Meanwhile, Wilson has work to do, with the help of Steve's corgi, Sammo.

OK Wilson...these are the sheep, it's up to you now!

You've got it Wilson, that's the way to get those sheep in line.

Thanks Sammo...and you're a great teacher!

Good job Wilson!

Run Wilson, run!

Watch carefully Wilson!

Go get 'em Sammo!

Someone looks like a tired Corgi.  Showing your new buddy what it takes to be a real herding dog takes its own kind of energy!

Oh, and for the photos of Charlie wasn't a coincidence. He and Ghillie are like-minded on this one, showing no real interest in the sheep. Much more fun to play with the humans! 

And thanks again to Steve for giving us an absolutely gorgeous November morning, complete with show dusting in the air, and the opportunity to see which of the Boys possesses natural herding talent!

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