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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HELP!!! California Governor wants to impose a Significant Tax on Veterinary Services!

California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has proposed the addition of a tax on veterinary services in the State of California. This tax could add as much as 9% to the cost of veterinary services and is strongly opposed by the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA).

It is critical that animal Rescuers, and those who support them, make their voices heard on this issue. High veterinary costs already preclude many rescue efforts. Adding the proposed tax, particularly at this time of economic downturn, would seriously impact rescue efforts and mean the loss of many more animals that might otherwise be saved.

This link takes you to a list of items providing more information on this issue

Be sure to click on these items, contained within the link above, to get more information and find out how to send letters opposing this tax to the various government officials who have the ability to impact this decision.

Action Alert

Fact Sheet

Contact Sheet (note Governor’s new fax number)

CVMA Letter to Governor

Client Information Letter

Below is an exerpt from a letter sent to the Governor by the CVMA president.

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

The California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is strongly opposed to the sales and use tax proposal contained in your “Governor’s Budget: Special Session 2008-09” document, pertaining to “veterinarian services.” This proposed tax will significantly affect the health and welfare of California pets.

Your “Special Session” proposal recommends that on February 1, 2009 the sales and use tax be broadened to include services, such as “appliance and furniture repair, vehicle repair, golf, and veterinarian services.” Governor, we know that you have held veterinary medical professionals in high esteem during your time in office. Therefore, it is confusing and disappointing to our association that you would subject complicated veterinary medical procedures and treatments for taxation, and further compare them with the likes of furniture repair, and recreational activities such as golf. Animal surgical procedures and treatments are no different than human medical procedures, and taxing veterinary services is tantamount to taxing human surgery and treatments.

Your proposal, if implemented, will serve as a significant disincentive for individuals seeking veterinary care for their animals, particularly during this sizeable economic downturn. Veterinary clients will not be able to afford treatments for their animals which will be detrimental to animal health and to the health of the public at large. The result will be that many animals won’t get the medical care they need and they will be abandoned or euthanized...


Please don't delay - please send a letter(s) TODAY, letting it be known that this tax would seriously hinder animal Rescuers in their efforts.

Even if you're not a California resident, if you're working with, or support the efforts of a Rescuer who is located in California, this does affect you too. Please help us ensure that this tax does not get approved by sending your letter to our Govenor.

**If anyone has difficulty accessing the information, let me know and I will send you .pdf formats.

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