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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CastAway Update - Wilson and the Fall Colors!

Time to assess the progress 
our CastAway Rescues have made! 

1. Kelly - This nice fellow has gone to his new home in New Mexico and prospers there with his new human mom and canine sister.

2. Charlie - Our Wild and Crazy guy is calming nicely. Still the most enthusiastic and adventuresome, this guy will need an owner who has had experience with a busy, strong-minded corgi. Make no mistake, Charlie is a real sweetheart, but is like a teen needing "tough love" at this stage in his development.

3. Nolan - Proving to be the shyest or the four, Nolan continues to make great progress in his socialization efforts. And there is a Big Surprise in Nolan's future! Stay tuned to learn more about it in the next few days!

4. Wilson - Our handsome little tri-colored boy has also proven to be a bit on the shy side. Getting used to all of the new people, places and things in the world outside of a puppy mill environment is more of a challenge for him. He will take a little longer than Charlie or Kelly to acclimate to the Big World. Wilson will need a home with someone who has had a history of working with a shy dog.  He's a very sweet fellow and is slowly blossoming in his foster home.

Below: Wilson gets a chance to explore the gorgeous acreage of his foster home (with his German Shepherd companion for moral support). These photos were taken early in October.

What's this? A bucket...what does it do?

Heading out for a big adventure!

Hmmm...sure smells good here!

Can you say Corgi in Heaven?

And more Heaven!!!

This is my favorite: Looks more like a painting and makes me want to be there!

Thanks for hanging out with me!

Wow!  This is really cool.  Can we go around again?


Traci said...

aw Wilson is just too pretty...!

Judi said...

Such a sweet boy!!! I wish I could take him- my Charlie would love a brother.