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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beautiful Kenai - Today Would Have Been Her 11th Birthday

This is "Kenai," our first Cardigan Welsh Corgi. 
Also known as "The Funniest Dog in the World!"

Kenai was born on October 14, 1997. She'd have been 11 years old today but she fell victim to a terrible accident when she was not quite 5-years old. 

In July 2003 a power line came loose from a pole, for no apparent reason, falling into our backyard. Being the playful and curious corgi that she was, Kenai had to investigate and was electrocuted by a 40,000 volt power line. 

We weren't home when the accident happened and our other two dogs were thankfully too frightened to go near the downed line and were spared. I arrived home shortly after the line fell. Finding Kenai, laying on the downed power line, was devastating and I suspect that that day will forever be the worst day of my life.

This beautiful girl had a Joy for Life that was unmatched. She never walked when she could run. She lived to play with boundless energy. She brought a smile to every face she touched. I miss her terribly. Her birthday will always be highlighted on my calendar  and her spirit will forever be with me. Here's to you sweet Kenai!

BTW, it is no accident that our current Cardigan girl is "Denali," the name of another spectacularly beautiful place in Alaska.  She was so-named as an honor to Kenai, to whom she is related. 

Upon learning of the accident, Carolyn Cannon, Kenai's breeder/original mom, generously offered Denali (a 4-week-old puppy at the time) to us. Knowing that Carolyn's beautiful Cardigans are bred of high quality lines and that there is often a waiting list for her dogs, we were extremely touched. Though we certainly weren't thinking of taking a puppy at that time, and no dog can ever "replace" another - nor would you want it to, we ultimately did take Denali when she was ready to go at 12-weeks of age.

As an odd quirk of fate, Denali's personality is incredibly similar to Kenai's. She has that same, happy, active, Zest for Life. Certainly, they are not exactly the same, nor would you wish that. But the similarities are sometimes uncanny. Having Denali in our lives certainly helped the healing process and she has become "her own girl" and is a true delight.

Nonetheless, we think of Kenai all the time and on this day each year we remember that special place she holds in our hearts!


Judi said...

Oh my gosh, this took my breath away. I am so sorry for your loss. That was such a nice tribute to Kenai!

Traci said...

an event too, that I will never forget.... Thank goodness Denali was there to help your heart mend from that horrible experience. Happy birthday, angel-Kenai... you left big paw prints for your niecedog to fill, and we hope she's done you proud! *hugs* to you Kathy...

katie4444 said...

Oh my GOSH, that is so tragic. I can't imagine coming home to find my beautiful friend lying there on the ground. I am sorry for your loss even after all those years. My furkids are celebrating your birthday here in Minnesota. Happy Birthday Kenai