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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Denali's Official CGC Photo

The Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club (DPDTC), sponsor of the CGC Test, is issuing identification cards for all of the new CGC dogs. Each dog will get a laminated card with an official photo, much like a driver's license. This indicates that the dog is a Canine Good Citizen and is very useful in obtaining discounts and waiving pet deposits with some hotels! This is Denali's official photo.

The DPDTC also issued special Club certificates to all the new CGC Dogs.  This is in addition to the official certificate issued by the American Kennel Club (AKC).


Judi said...

What a sweet photo! Congrats on the CGC title!

In case anyone is interested, you CAN get driver's licenses for your dog! Just go to, they sell them. My Charlie has his, and it sure attracts attention & compliments. He's only been caught speeding when he sees a squirrel LOL

Elbeepem said...


Interesting...I never knew you could get a DL for a dog. But then, I guess you can get just about anything else, can't you!

Thx. for the info!

Judi said...

No problem! You get a 'full-sized' license for your wallet plus two mini-sized tags to put on collars/leashes. Fun!