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Hermann Hesse

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gerry Berry Gets a New Name! (And a New Home!)

Miss Gerry Berry has been having a great time in foster care. The prevailing Pembroke Princess, with the Cast Away Boyz as her "subjects," Gerry has shown herself to be a lovely girl. She's losing weight nicely on her new diet too!

Sadly, Gerry's former owners did NOT give her heartworm preventative. In an area where heartworm is extremely prevalent, it was just a matter of time...and unfortunately Gerry succumbed. She is currently being treated and is doing well.

The Best News of all is that Gerry has JUST been adopted! When she's completed her heartworm treatment, at the end of October, she will be going to her new home in which she'll have two great new moms, as well as a nice corgi brother to play with! We're absolutely thrilled for her. She's definitely paid her dues and now it is time for her to have the nice life she so deserves! 

Gerry Berry is a really pretty girl. This photo was taken when she first arrived. We will have some new ones soon, showing how much nicer she's looking without all that excess weight. 

And from now on, we will need to start calling Gerry by the name her new family intends to give her: Millie. See below for the inspiration!

Having seen and loved this show while in New York, Gerry's new owners always wanted to call their first female dog "Millie." Now they've got their girl!

1 comment:

katie4444 said...

Congrats to Gerry Berry or I should say "Millie". I am so excited for you and know that your new home will be so nice. A new brother to play with and probably still reign as a Princess! What more could a CORGI ask for?
Good luck (smile)
Another ForPaws Success story. Good job. Katie