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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Denali gets her first AKC Title!

Meet C-Myste Denali, CGC

(No, she's not available for adoption - this wonderful girl has been with ForPaws owner, Kathy, since she was a 12-week pup, and she's a permanent family member!)

After her successful completion of her Canine Good Citizen Test, Denali is a tired girl!
She did stay to socialize after her test was finished...quite the party girl!

A more demure Denali the morning after her CGC test.

Although not required for the CGC test, Denali has learned to stand nicely on command. She will need this for her next goal, the Companion Dog obedience title!

Denali had her 5th birthday on June 2. She's a beautiful girl!

Although still a bit sleepy, after her morning nap, she doesn' t miss much.

When it's time for bed, Denali is ready to rock. Here she is rearranging my bed, even though I didn't ask for this service!

This is one happy girl! She's the comedian, smiling all the time.

Nothing better than racing around with a talking parrot!  Awkkk...Polly gets a real workout!

At age 5 Denali still thinks she's a puppy!

1 comment:

Traci said...

Kota says "congrats" to sister, Denali! :) Can you believe they're FIVE?!? Kota says to tell Denali that Rally is fun too :P His mom is lazy (and poor) and hasn't gotten back into the ring to get his 2nd and 3rd RE legs :)
Thanks for sharing the pictures of Denali... just love seeing my niece dog :)