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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kelly's Turn to Meet & Greet!

Today it was Kelly's turn to meet new friends and show us just how well his social skills are honed. Up to now Kelly has a been a bit more reserved than Charlie or Wilson and we thought he might be a bit shy.

Well, surprise us...this little fellow held his own nicely with all of the other dogs and humans that he met. He seemed quite comfortable and was the typical inquisitive corgi. 

Our special thanks to Pat, Teresa, Amy, Chris, Chopper, Eko, Teah and others who've made themselves available to help us test and socialize these four fellows!

My goodness Chopper - you're a big fellow!

You're about the same size as a sheep - I bet I could herd you!

I like being the Center of Attention!

You guys are both taller than I am, and you're laying down! 
Nice bandana Eko! Where do you shop?

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