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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back to Basics - Getting them Healthy!

A big day today as our four Cast Aways all had their first vet visit. For Kelly, Nolan and Wilson, this meant saying goodbye to some beloved treasures...time for the neutering! Charlie had that experience just before we pulled him while he was still in the shelter.

Everyone was tested for heartworms and found to be negative - Yahoo! This is a Big Deal, as heartworm treatment is quite $$ and not easy on a dog.

Other fun stuff included rabies shots all around (other vaccinations were done in the shelter), plus fecal tests, ear cleanings (a couple have ear infections). And another cleanings! Sadly, due to neglect of their dental health, three of the four dogs required tooth extractions. Nolan won the prize needing to have 5 teeth removed. Lesson: Brush your dog's teeth!

We suspect that we will see an upsurge in energy level, particularly from Nolan and Kelly who had multiple infected teeth. This is extremely draining, as the dog's immune system is fighting to control infection and it can really sap a dog.

And...then there was the bill! Funny how none of these canines pulled out a checkbook when it was time to pay the $1,344.00 bill! (And that was with the Rescue Discount applied!).

But, other than the dental work, there were no issues - they're all basically very health fellows and it feels good to know that they'll be in good shape when they're ready to find their permanent homes!

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