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Hermann Hesse

Monday, July 14, 2008

First Observations - Really Nice Personalities!

Now that our Cast Away Crew of Rescue Corgis have been in foster care for a couple of days, their personalities are already starting to emerge. All four are responding far better than we'd imagined; not as shy as we'd expected. Clearly these boys know that something BIG has happened. They seem to know that K.D., our foster mom, represents a ticket to a real life and they're determined to make the most of the opportunity. Here's what we've seen so far.

Wilson- Our tri-colored fellow is the shyest of the group, and the most serious. At times he shows a gruff exterior, but underneath there is a Teddy Bear. We don't think he has ever been on grass. He doesn't seem to have had too much human attention, but responds quite positively to it.  Our Foster Mom said: "Petting him and praising him does work as he will walk a little with me.  We sat on the grass and he crawled in my lap!!  Then he lifted his "BIG" head and licked my chin a couple of times." Quite a handsome boy, probably about 4 years old." I think we'll see more of the "Teddy Bear" side as this guy discovers his new world.


Charlie - A happy red/white boy, seems to be the alpha of the four. He also seems to be the most well-socialized and the one that was probably considered the most eligible for adoption by the shelter staff. Our Foster mom said: "He's very friendly and met my neighbor on the tractor as they were going to the garden to do some plowing. He was not intimidated by the noise at all.  He went up and met "Mary" and she petted him." Charlie's foster mom has also branded him the "comedian" of the group. Happy, bouncy and smiling, this is a nice fellow! Charlie was born in January 2004, according to shelter paperwork. We don't have any DoB information on any of the others, but we're pretty sure that Kelly is a littermate to Charlie, making them both about 4.5 years.

Kelly- A handsome red/white boy, Kelly is a little softer than the others. We think that Charlie and Kelly may be littermates. Like Charlie, Kelly is extremely friendly and outgoing.  He was not afraid of the neighbor's tractor when it was his turn to be out with his new foster mom. She said that he was "...running ahead of me and racing with the grass and checking out every spot under trees and flowers. He completely finished his dish of food before everyone else...and wants to be outside. I can lift him with no problems and hug him."


Nolan - A lovely red-headed boy, Nolan is extremely sweet. He seems like the oldest in the group, perhaps 5-6 years old. Was a bit hesitant at first, but within 24 hours, he's coming out of his shell nicely. Our Foster Mom said: "He is very outgoing and runs ahead of me on leash.  Not afraid of anything and very inquisitive with everything especially the grass and trees."  Nolan has a bit of a glamour coat and allowed himself to be brushed without any resistance. This is pretty significant for a dog that we've had less than 2 days! Foster Mom said: "I was able to rake out the pants.  While I was raking the underside very slowly and carefully, I held his right paw up so I could see and have access to this part of him. Nolan reached down and licked my hand that was holding his paw! I really like this fellow!"


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