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Thursday, October 21, 2010

An RAE for Me!

Check it out...smells good!

Looks pretty too!

Ha...I'm pretty cool, ya know!

Those ribbons are the ones I won today at the rally trial in Pleasanton. I got my 10th leg and my RAE Title!

(Yes, my toe is much better. I'm walking normally and having no trouble with running and jumping - though I've been told to dial that back for now! But Rally doesn't require anything more than I'm doing around the house, so I'm OK to compete!)

So now you'll know me as C-Myste Denali, RAE, CGC

(My little brother Sage is impressed. And it was really cool to do this today because it's Sage's 2nd Birthday - see below for more on that!)


Taryn said...

Congrats on the RAE! Woo Hoo! I had read about it on the Performance Corgi group.

And Happy B-Day to Sage! I love the pinks, they are so gorgeous!

penni said...

What a great job you've done with Denali. Congratulations, Kathy. Yep, it was on the Performance Corgi list so we've been able to cheer a couple of times so far.

Jules said...

Wow!! Congratulations!

Dawn said...

Yeah Good job Denali! and you too of course. Congratulations.

Traci said...

Congrats pretty girl!!! We're super proud of you here in the desert! Your brother sends 'hi-paws' :)

Kim said...

Many congrats! How fun for you both! Our short dogs are SO smart!

Are you going to try for the new Rally Master title next year?

I'm going to have to bring Casper out of retirement for it!

Elbeepem said...

Oh, interesting. I hadn't thought about the Rally Master title, but it could definitely be an option for Denali! Thanks!