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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Elbee's Walk to Fight Canine Cancer

Today was a great day for Elbee! Being our couch potato, and our "little dog," (a 15-pound Pembroke), she often gets overlooked when it comes to outings that require exercise, but the K9 Walk to benefit canine cancer research was a nice chance to show off our most well-mannered dog. Given that there would be hundreds of dogs and Elbee gets along with everyone effortlessly, she was a perfect candidate!

 Here's what the T-Shirt looked like! And Elbee got a matching bandana, which she was wearing during the walk, and still is!
 We also told some of our dog friends about the event. All three corgis in this photo are ForPaws Rescue dogs! My own, Elbee, plus Guinness, (black tri) and Scooter, (red tri). And of course, my long-time friend, Jennifer, with her sweet yellow lab, Molly! In this first picture, Elbee has just come from visiting the Pet Food Express booth. They hand fed her a selection of treats and she is still smacking her lips!

 Here's the "nice picture," in which all of the people and all of the dogs are smiling!

 This was the first K-9 Walk to Cure Cancer in our area. We walked through Vasona Park, which is one of the most beautiful, and largest, parks in our area. I've run here many times and it was a beautiful morning.

 I liked this special moment between Dave and Scooter. Scooter has just found his new furever home, but Dave and his wife, Linda have been taking Scooter out for regular exercise while he's been in foster care. It has been a great help to the foster person and Scooter has definitely bonded with Dave and Linda. But then, Scooter will bond for a belly rub - a very cheap date. He's definitely one of the sweetest corgis we've had in rescue. Next weekend he meets his new people!

 Jennifer, modeling her "Woof" hat. These hats were giveaways at one of the vendor booths! There were tons of great free items for dogs and people who love them!

 Virtually everyone there was connected to a dog...or two. This little boy was more interested in the souvenier balloons, while his dog watched.

 I told you there were tons of give-aways! We ended up with three bandanas, including the one Elbee is wearing, plus three tennis balls, which made Sage really happy, and lots more!

Dave and Linda brought friends too. This team of six people was the third highest fund raising team! Great job!
 When we got home, someone was very curious as to why Elbee and I smelled like a gazillion other dogs!
Sage knew we had some cool stuff in that big Home Depot beach bag! And he also knew that some of it just had to be for him!
 Now we're talkin'...hand over that tennis ball - my favorite!


 Someone else was tuckered out - but still fashionable in her pretty bandana.

Elbee, you're the BEST little dog ever! Even if I did have to carry The Princess for part of the walk! Elbee will be 12 years old in January. She has definitely reached the point where she'd rather survey her subjects than scramble about among them!

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penni said...

It sounds like you had a great day, and for a good cause.