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Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Head-Shaker Day on the Rally Course!

Warning - long post, probably boring if you're not a Rally enthusiast.

Yesterday was definitely one of those days that Penni mentioned in her comments on the prior post - you just smile, shake your head and go forward. That is exactly what I did when the judge handed me the third place ribbon. It felt really "wrong" to take it after such a poor showing.

Afterward, I did get a sanity check upon seeing that almost every dog to show after us had the same significant sniffing issues in that same area. Two of the Advanced dogs were so distracted by it that they couldn't regain focus and had to be excused. So it wasn't just us...whew!

I was relieved to finally leave the ring. But I was genuinely shocked to see that we had actually still qualified with our 79 (all-time-low) score. And due to the low entry, it gave us third place. Seriously, I just had to laugh!

On the way out, we did stop for a "consolation prize." I saw these pretty braided leather leashes in all colors. They're nice soft leather and I have not seen this vendor at other we picked out a dusty lavender/pale mustard leash. (Will make our Honor exercises look good - especially if we have to spend extra time in the ring again.) :-)

Moving forward, we are not scheduled for the rest of the Vallejo shows this weekend. After seeing how tired Denali was after the 5:00AM wake-up yesterday, I am really glad we didn't try to do it again today.

We get a break and try again on Sunday - show time 10:30AM...yes! There were two big shows in our area on the same weekend. Sunday is a back-to-back event, so one long drive, versus two in Vallejo. Hoping for the RE Title leg in the morning and have an insurance leg in the PM if things go crazy again! Best case, a first RAE leg in the afternoon!


Kady Cannon said...

I'll be thinking of you and holding my breath. Go Denali!!

Elbeepem said...

Thanks Carolyn. You won't be the only one holding your breath I suspect! I know I will be at times!

Traci said...

You go girls! you're doing great! Hey, at least you were able to regain Denali's attention.. that can be SO hard. Those mats can be deadly!
Good luck on Sunday!! :)