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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Long Day at the Dog Show

Our day started before 5:00AM. Showing in Rally at 8:00AM, with a big drive to Vallejo - right at commute time - and inclement weather in the mix, made for a long day. These pictures were taken of Denali around 10:00AM, while we watched Captain in his conformation showing.

First it's the Big Yawn

Almost asleep...sitting up!

OK, I'll smile for a picture.
(Now can I eat and sleep?)

While it was a rocky ride, we did earn our second Rally Excellent leg at today's show, with an all-time low score (79), but still a third place finish. More details to come in tomorrow's Rally Journal.

As always...I get the Best Prize: Denali comes home with me!


Baledwr said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Jules said...

Congratulations. Good luck tomorrow!

penni said...

Sometimes, you take a Q, smile, and just shake your head. I hope today is successful -- maybe with a higher score.

Traci said...

Hey, at least it's a Q! :) That's how Kota and I got through Rally to this point! ;-) (he's a slacker, what can I say? ;-) )
Congrats on the 2nd leg...

It's funny how as the years are going by, Denali still is as pure black as ever... yet Kota has gone so gray... hard to believe they're even littermates now!

Way to go girls!!