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Hermann Hesse

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bark in the Park

One of the most popular annual events for dogs, Bark in the Park draws hundreds of dogs to William Street Park in San Jose, CA each year!

This year we took Elbee and Sage. Elbee found another one of "me," which always seems to please her. This gorgeous fellow, Benny, was a simply stunning Pembroke, complete with full tail. He came from Australia, where they don't dock the tails. Seems like the right idea to me! Being a "normal" sized corgi, Benny towered over teeny Elbee, but he knew she was the girl in charge!

Benny was as sweet as he was handsome!

It was a little warm, so lots of dog tongues were on display.

But it was Sage who got most of the attention. People were mystified as to what kind of a dog he might be and so many people wanted to pet him. This little girl, in particular, just couldn't take her eyes off him. She asked all kinds of questions and was just fascinated by "how pretty" he is.

Sage just soaked up all the attention, quite delighted with the adoration!

It is a real pleasure to have such a sweet, affectionate little dog. He greets everyone with enthusiasm, showing no hesitation. Sage just loves people, and is really good with little kids (thanks to Isabel's excellent socialization).

This little boy got a kiss too, and seemed quite pleased to be added to the long list of Sage's new friends at the park. Sage greeted plenty of other dogs too, and had a little play session with a female border collie puppy, of similar age.

There were all kinds of doggie products, services, and demonstrations of agility, frisbee and flyball. Moe took these, and other photos. They can all be seen here.

Gotta hand it to Bark in the Park!
It's a great day to be a dog!


penni said...

It's great when dogs and their people can have an event. Elbee looks very happy with her new friend (we track with a Pem named Benny). Sage -- well he's the Welcome Waggin'. Good dogs!

Kady Cannon said...

Sage is really growing up to be a pretty, pretty boy.