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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stacking Watson - Oh Dear!

Alden wrote yesterday asking if I could help her "stack" Watson for pictures this weekend, in response to request for a "stacked photo" from Mama Penni. My response: LOL!

I am a serious dog person, but I am not a "confirmation person." The closet thing to stacking a dog that I've ever done is to set Elbee on a counter so I can put drops in her dry eye each day. Trust me, it's not all that pretty!

Here's how Watson would probably look if I tried to make the "stack" happen. This is actually how he did look the last time Watson and I saw one another and Alden posed him for a picture - not attempting a stack here, no worries!

Of course, I will have Denali with me this weekend. And Trenton will be there with Captain. As you see, they were both attempting to give Watson a focal point during our last photo shoot. The result: Definitely not much of a stack! I guess this counts them out as photo assistants, sorry Penni.

The good news is that now that Cappy is actually a Champion, he's got Trenton well trained. Thankfully ONE of the silly people in the bunch should be able to position Watson appropriately! (Hear Penni's sigh of relief.)

Alden, looks like you and I are about to get a stacking lesson! See you Saturday!

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