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Saturday, April 24, 2010

RAE Leg-2 (And a Family Visit)

Denali and I went to Vallejo today. This was our attempt at RAE, leg -2. This was also Denali's first time showing outdoors on grass. When we got there for the 8:30AM start, we found the grass hadn't been mowed and was really wet! I wasn't sure Denali would do a "down" in the wet grass, but no problem!

My goal was just to keep her from sniffing and to qualify. I was pleasantly surprised when we got a 4th-place finish in the Excellent and the Advanced classes, with a score of 91 and 94, respectively.

This club gave medallions to those who placed, so we got a matched set,
to compliment our matched set of ribbons.

The great part about shows in Vallejo is that we get to see Sage's brothers, Cappy and Fig, as well as their respective canine and human families. Denise, Cappy's mom, was kind enough to take pictures of Denali and me in the ring for our Excellent round. I had no idea she was there!

Ready to start, getting Denali's attention. Naturally the "family tongue" is right in place, so I guess she's ready to go!

Because she was on grass Denali thought that our heeling passes were great times to bound so as not to get her belly tickled. When she started to do this she got the idea that it was time to play. The result: we ticked up those "out-of-position" points and I found myself using my hands more to indicate where I wanted her to go. Once or twice I saw her glance outside of the ring and I didn't want her getting any ideas about bolting.

As usual, she needed no additional help in flying over the jumps and Denise caught this one perfectly!

Waiting for the next dog to enter so we can start the Honor exercise.

It was so nice that we were in the shade for this exercise. It got pretty warm as the sun spread over the course.

Here's where Denali realizes she's being photographed. "Oh look, Cappy's mom is here!"

Waiting to enter the ring for awards. Yes, I am definitely prejudiced. She's a beautiful dog! Gotta love that coat!

In the ring, we had time for an ear scratch before the judge came in to present awards.

Stiff competition today. Three dogs, including the gray poodle behind me, and the border collie, just out of the shot, were clearly trained in formal obedience and were absolutely flawless. All were competing for RAE legs. Accordingly, they scored 100%. I believe that one of the handlers is a professional trainer. With competition like this we were surprised and pleased to nab the 4th place ribbons!

Afterward we got to visit with Cappy, and his people, Trenton and Denise, as well as Alden, Ian and the trio, Fig, Watson and Duncan. Duncan has lost some weight is is looking much more perky as a result! And as the only-female-in-residence, Denali garnered attention from all the boys!

Alden convinced Trenton to "stack" Watson for photos so we'll get to see what he looks like as an official dog-on-a-table. Trenton put Watson on a show lead and took him for a little walk too. Alden couldn't believe it was her dog - he behaved so nicely on the leash!

A nice day for all!

1 comment:

Spons7 said...

It was great to see you once again and as the weather gets better more meet up will occur. Denise is now thinking Malibu should try either rally or obedience. Denali looked great and was happy Denise could get some pics for you. See you next time.