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Hermann Hesse

Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Party at the Ranch

Another wonderful day in Napa! Many thanks to Alden and her parents for allowing us to create another Corgi Invasion so soon after the last one just a few weeks ago!

Moe took 76 photos. A few of them are below and you can see them all if you click here

Alden - you're a dynamite hostess - thanks loads for a wonderful time!

Here's the newest member of the pack, and little Star of the Day! Watson was soooo cute playing with all the big dogs, but it was a lot of action for this little guy. At a point, he crashed under this chair, sleeping soundly.

This is one sweet puppy! Welcome Home Watson!

Pretty Denali

Sweet Duncan

LtoR: Cappy, Malibu, Fig, Elbee, Sage, Denali, Watson

As they had at the previous get-together, the three littermates, Fig, Cappy & Sage, played ALL DAY long!

Sage & Fig

Three boys, all vying for position. Sometimes it got pretty heated, but never more than posturing. They all seem to honor one another when it comes down to it. Carolyn observed that they are still retaining their relative positions, learned when they were very young and tussled with one another in their pen.

Pink and Blue merles - cool suits!

Here's the view off the deck, a little later in the evening. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is visible on the left horizon, located about 50 miles away!

By the end of the day, Watson was downright exhausted! Thank goodness his mom scooped him up for a rest (and because she was probably afraid he might end up going home with someone else if she didn't watch him closely!) A fair concern with this cute boy!


penni said...

What a great party! I'm glad little Watson threw himself into the festivities. His brother is wrestling with their dad as I write this. I think dad Chase had a lot to do with the boys' desire to dive into the madness.

Elbeepem said...

The three Tree brothers are quite a group, add Pilot to that mix and you have four very active and unruly young teenagers. Watson didn't seem phased by that in the least. I'm sure Chase's genes had something to do with it! He is a great puppy!