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Hermann Hesse

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Many More Great Birthday Pics! (Thanks Denise!)

Here are some additional photos from the California "Trees" Birthday Celebration last weekend. These were taken by Denise Sponsler. She has a good eye and a nice camera, with a feature that allows you to take a series of shots in quick succession.

As a result, she has some wonderful action shots that string together like a slow-motion picture. Below is one segment of a series in which she captured the Three Brothers, Captain, Fig, and Sage, playing together.

But there are a LOT MORE great pictures!
You can see them all on Trenton's Photo Gallery.


penni said...

. . . and a good time was had by all! I'll bet the dogs will remember it for almost as long as do the people.

I showed these photos to Watson and told him he's be joining in. He can't wait!

Elbeepem said...

Yup...we'll see you for a birthday party reprise the day after Thanksgiving at the ranch Watson! Get ready for a wild time...and a bit of turkey!

Alden said...

I was thinking today (a rare feat for me) that we will have 12! corgis in attendance for our "Black Friday" bash. Can you imagine trying to explain to my mother the relationship between them all? Better start drinking BEFORE you get to the ranch. :-)

Elbeepem said...

Yes, by my count the dogs will, once again, outnumber the people. For the Birthday Party we had 9 dogs, 8 people. This time it looks like 12 dogs, 11 people!

But, what color will the puppies be? :-)

Spons7 said...

It looks like my sister Myka will be joining us at the Ranch so we could be in a tie now.

Elbeepem said...


Oh, thank goodness! Now we at least have a fighting chance of getting our share of the turkey if there's one person per dog!

Of course, at 10 weeks of age, Watson might count as just 1/2 dog when it comes to turkey portions...don't tell him I said that!