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Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Remembering Kenai

Today would have been Kenai's 12th birthday. A few months before her fifth birthday, we lost her to a freak accident when a power line mysteriously separated from its connection at the pole and the broken end fell into our yard.

She was the First Cardigan Welsh Corgi ever to join our family. She was a spunky, vibrant, joyful creature. Always smiling, always running, always a character. And always, we will miss her!

Bart and Kenai, constant companions.

Kenai was a show puppy, for a nanosecond. She was just "too gregarious for the ring," said Carolyn! Little did we know what that really meant until Kenai came home! "Busy" was her middle name. How could she have been anything but, as a "No No" daughter!

Although she was light on coat, her coloring more than made up for it. Beautiful Kenai, a most delightful spirit! We miss you, we'll love you always!

Trust 'n Luck's Keep an Eye Out (Kenai)


penni said...

a pretty girl, Kathy -- and it sounds like she broke you in well to the verbocity of our Cardis. A happy memory forever.

Traci said...

i'll never forget that day. Tho Kenai was only with you for a short time, she did her job - won your heart and soul. I'm sure she's running free and playing with her parents over the bridge... what a lovely memorial for your sweet sweet girl...

Kady Cannon said...

Remembering Kenai. She was truly special.

Elbeepem said...


Yes indeed. The day we met Carolyn and Mandy to get Kenai, at a dog show in Vallejo, we found Kenai in an x-pen before we actually found C. and M.

Not surprisingly, Kenai was "talking" up a storm, letting everyone in the area know that being cooped up in the x-pen was NOT her idea of a good time! She was quite the sweet, funny character!