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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Early Birthday Present for Sage

For the remainder of his October birth month, Sage will be sporting something in keeping with the Halloween holiday. (Just wait till he figures out that a whole bunch of little people are going to come to the door, dressed in strange costumes, JUST to visit him!)

Moe has nixed "clothes" for dogs (just too cutesy for him),
but I couldn't resist this for Sage's first birthday!

Here's how the introduction went:
"Huh...what's this?"

I'll pretend I'm not interested, till she looks away.

Smells vaguely familiar...these tags look like mine!

They taste like mine too!

Well, that's why I'm NOT a model. I don't like standing still!

Yea, I see this is a trick so I'll stay still, now where's the treat?

Modeling is sooo exhausting.
Good thing this looks so nice on me!


dreameyce said...

It's PERFECT on him! Awww! I love how it looks on him! Great choice :)

Does he get some real candy corns too?? heehee

Elbeepem said...

Hmmm...real candy corn....remains to be seen! If any of the kids bring a hamburger to the door, I'm sure Sage would be glad to make a trade!