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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photobucket Test - New home for Photos

Test - Importing from Photobucket, a free space in which to save a ton of pictures. 

In principle, I just can't see paying Blogger an annual fee to store photos when there are other free options. I also can't see paying Blogger when their upload interface continually has so many bugs! Yes, it is time to say Goodbye to Blogger. Stay tuned for "move" details. I'm working on figuring that out next!

Denali - Nov. 2009


penni said...

Make sure that photobucket doesn't reduce photo resolution to 72 dpi. Some of the people that advertise in the CWCCA Bulletin use one of the photo storage services and it dumbs their photos down. The lowered resolution will not support print media.

Elbeepem said...


From what I've seen Photobucket gives you the option of definining your pixel density. If you don't provide parameters it says it will fill them in automatically, though when I let it do that it didn't know to downsize the photo to fit the space appropriately. I had to do it manually by trial and error, which was pretty annoying. It took about 6 passes to get the photo to the appropriate size. Not sure why this can't be done automatically. I've seen it work that way for header photos, so why can't column photos work the same way?