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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blog Transfer - Is the Energizer Bunny in Charge?

Last night I started the process of importing my Blogger Blog into my WordPress Blog. (Mysteriously Blogger will now allow me to upload photos again - fickle Blogger, I'm on to your games! The moment I trust you, I'll get perpetual error messages again!) 

As of now,  about 20 hours later, the import process is STILL going. According to the little flashing update, it is now working on transferring over 43,400 items...Yikes! This morning it was working on 29,000 items.

Seriously...should it be taking this long? Last time I did a transfer like this it was done in a few minutes?

The other interesting thing is that even if I wanted to stop the process, there is no obvious way to do so. And so...the Beat Goes On. Hopefully at some point I can Kiss Blogger Goodbye! 

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