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Hermann Hesse

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pupper Update #17 - Ready for Adoption!

Pembroke Puppies - READY TO GO HOME! As of now, we have four of the original six available. Logan and, hopefully Dodge,  already have great new homes!  We are also looking for just the right home for their mother, Morgan.

Their story: When a small private breeder fell victim to the recession, lost his job and could no longer keep his seven nice Pembrokes, they were surrendered to rescue. We took a pregnant female, Morgan, whose puppies were born while she was in foster care.  Morgan, and the sire both both have lovely temperaments. Their offspring appear to be chips off the ol' block in that department! 

Here are the puppies (and their mom) looking for just the right place!  Ideally, we are looking for corgi-experienced homes in which children are minimally age 16, no more than two existing dogs, and no cats. To be considered, please apply through ForPaws Corgi Rescue.

(Litter birthdate: July 25, 2010)

Kismet - a.k.a. Spunkiest one in the litter!

This little girl needs an experienced owner who can keep up - and definitely a job to do! She's the smallest puppy with the biggest personality! Smart, happy and ready to to rock, Kissie would be
a great candidate for a performance home. She would love to be an obedience, rally or agility dog!


 Lucas - the sweetest little boy ever!

A Classic Pembroke Teddy Bear, Lucas is confident, happy, active and affectionate - the textbook male Pem!

Viola - the "softer" female.

Sweet, sweet sweet! This is the "easiest" female, but she is definitely still a Pembroke Princess. She's got enough spunk to boss a lab around and would love to have a buddy and plenty of activities to occupy her active mind! A really nice, well-grounded girl, Viola will make a great companion!

Abilene (Abi) - the other alpha female (HAS BEEN ADOPTED!)

Not quite as much spunk as Kismet, this confident, sweet girl would also be happy with a nice male companion who was content to be her "pack." Also a dog for a corgi-experienced owner, this smart, busy girl and needs to be stimulated mentally and physically. Another good candidate for a performance home!

Morgan - adult female (mom to puppies)

Morgan has a temperament similar to Abi's. She is not as much of an alpha female as Kismet, but she does like to call the shots in the pack. Morgan gets along well with other dogs, but should not be paired with another dominant dog, nor with cats.

She is smart, confident and affectionate - a really nice companion for someone who understands that classic female Pembroke temperament.

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