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Hermann Hesse

Friday, May 21, 2010

Miss Molly, By Golly!

One look at Molly and it's all about the eyebrows! They sometimes make her look a little daunting, first impressions can be misleading! In fact, this cute little Corgi/Aussie mix is very sweet, very playful, happy and just full of corgish mischief.

Molly started out on the timid side. Time in foster care, with a knowledgeable foster mom who knew how to encourage her, give her space, and build her confidence has made all the difference. Molly has come out of her shell and is well on the way to being the girl she was meant to be.

She is extremely sweet, possessing a lot of the Australian Shepherd personality. She bonds with her person, is extremely bright and loves attention. She's a dog for someone who knows the Aussie temperament and is ready to continue the good work done in foster care. With that person Molly will flourish! She's a very cool little dog!

Molly is still a very young dog, no more than age 2. She still has a lot of puppy in her. She gets along well with others and loves to play.

She also loves toys and can find a way to amuse herself with just about anything...not always the best idea to leave her alone with your slippers!

She's made friends with everyone, tall and short, in her foster home.

She is slightly larger than the standard corgi, but a very nice-sized little dog. A good game of tug goes a long way for Molly and her friends.

Ok, so she may be a little funny looking with those eyebrows, but her smile goes straight to your heart! We know that the perfect person is out there for Molly and we won't stop looking till we find them.

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JulieandCaleb said...

I love those eyebrows! I can see how they would make folks look twice, though!