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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rally Red Ribbons for an RA Title!

Denali earned her "RA" Title this morning in San Jose with a score of 96 in a field of 15 dogs! Another second place finish.

Her RA ribbons look like a Christmas Celebration.

She was pretty happy with herself. This was the smile I saw in the ring today too!

Here's Denali, along with her friend, Lotus, and her "mom," Elissa. We train together and the girls seem to like having a friend with 5" legs when we go to shows.

Lotus, a lovely Tibetan Terrier, got her second RA leg today.

Denali just loves this competition. Seeing this happy face is the real award!

Next stop - a herding specialty show in Concord, CA featuring Rally and Obedience on March 6th! Hopefully our first Excellent leg! It is sponsored by a German Shepherd club, so we will be competing against a lot of dogs "with legs."


Spons7 said...

Congrats and maybe we will see you tomorrow.

Traci said...

CONGRATS!!! And now you've caught up to Kota! He has 1 Excellent leg (by the hair of his chinny chin chin). You guys will motivate me to get him out and finish that Excellent title, yet! :)
Congrats to an excellent team!!

penni said...

Good job. Congratulations. Fingers crossed for the first RE leg.

Alden said...

Yay!!! Congrats!

Hope to see you all in Vallejo!

katie4444 said...

Congrats Denali & Kathy-good job